Fall Fashion: New England Influence

My little brother came home from college for the weekend!

Apple picking is one of my favorite family activities of the year. My family and I only recently started going apple picking. While I was in college in Boston, a city that is the epitome of New England fall, going apple picking in the Fall was like going to church on Easter. You may not go all year long, but you felt a moral obligation to show up and always came dressed for photos. And like Easter, the best part is the food that follows. Everyone dressed up in their favorite vest and fall boots and went to a local apple orchard to snap selfies with apples and then down apple cider and donuts. It was great!


As I just alluded, I loved that everyone took fall fashion so seriously. This is undoubtedly my most early anticipated time of year, and it’s due in part to the clothing. Nothing makes me happier than being able to wear a vest over a cable-knit sweater and pair it with boots. Whether it’s short booties are tall riding boots, I love them all!


My boot collection exploded when I went to college, and I’ll post more about it but I hold these ox blood booties nearest to my heart. Recently I’ve had to dress up a lot so I’ve been wearing a pair of tall black suede boots with 2 inch heels. This weekend I got to really break out my favorite casual booties. They’re extremely comfortable and always garner tons of compliments when I wear them. I got these at a local shop in Cambridge, MA that just recently closed down. Berk’s was a small business that supplied boots to the Cambridge community. They provided classic New England style at a (nearly) student-budget friendly price. Their closing only makes these boots more valuable to me.

Being in New York in the Fall for the first time in 4 years really makes me miss my college town. I may not be in Boston for the fall this year, but I’ll be wearing it in spirit!


Tell me about what inspires your fall look in the comments below!


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