We got a cat!

Meet Poseidon!

Growing up, we were only allowed to have gold fish. We named 1 of them rainbow, and the other 8 or 10(I can’t remember) died before we could come up with names for them. My parents just weren’t animal people, and we were, frankly, very forgetful kids. “I refuse to live with animals”, my mom would say. I personally couldn’t see the difference between two boys and a dog. They make the same amount of mess, and they can be just as rough. But that’s neither here nor there.

Recently I was able to rectify this injustice(okay, a little dramatic) by rescuing a cat! He’s 1.5 years old, and very handsome. Ideally, I would have preferred to get a dog, but with classes, a job and a thesis to write, ain’t nobody got time for that(or bronchitis, haha!), so cat it is. My roommates didn’t need any convincing, another reason why I love them! We named him Poseidon and he is quite the ladies man. He lives in a well-decorated(blogpost pending) apartment, with three attractive, highly educated and ambitious women. I don’t know many men with odds that great.

While I love the idea that I’ll always come home to a loving, warm and ever-present man, I’m still getting used to it. Never having had a pet means that at first I didn’t understand that he has to acclimate to our constant cries, our impulse to pet him and our need for endless #poseidonpics(more hashtags to come).  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to when he and I have warmed up to each other and can get cozy. It’s going to be a long winter and he seems like my best bet for this cuffing season.


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