Polkadot Personalizations

I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that I was an interior decorator in past life, along with being a ballerina and a sports news caster. So you can imagine my excitement when it came time for me to decorate my new bedroom! For weeks I’ve been on Pinterest getting ideas and training for this very moment. I wanted to try something new and use decals for the first time. A great to look for these is on Amazon.com. There is tons of stuff out there and all for a great price. The number one thing I wanted for my room was a standout wall and a consistent color scheme. In college I didn’t spend too much time decorating because I moved so often. This time around I was willing to invest a little into the décor of my space. I chose navy, dark brown/gold and grey as a color scheme. I found that the best way to achieve a cohesive scheme is to limit the number of pieces you include. It reduces clutter and it’s easier to coordinate 5 pieces versus 9 or 10.


You know those monthly coupons you get from Bed Bath and Beyond in the mail? Well, they finally came in handy. I took a bunch from my house and went crazy! I got this bed set for a great price and it was the center piece around which I chose the rest of the decorations in my bedroom.


I got most of my furniture from IKEA. Their products are a huge boost to the ego because not only is it modern and stylish but you can do it yourself. It was all simple to assemble on my own, which made me feel like a superhero/handyman. Additionally, their furniture is well priced, which is important for students like me who are on a tight budget.


I’ve been collecting posters and art since I left for college, so I made sure to find a home for all of them. I also printed out some of my own photographs at a local print shop. It was really inexpensive and it’s a nice personalization to see some of my work hung up on a wall. I also commandeered some paintings from my artist friends. Lastly, I ordered some gold dot decals from Amazon. I got 180 dots for under $10!

I also put decals in my bathroom and I’m waiting on one for the kitchen! It brings personality to these otherwise plain white walls.

What are some personal touches you’ve added to your space?


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