I just graduated from Harvard College, which means I should have everything figured out—NOT! The fact is, I’m young, I make mistakes and sometimes I forget my keys in my room. However, I’ve gotten to where I am today because I have learned from incredibly smart people who have challenged everything I know about myself and the world. So I started this blog to help ease the transition from college to real life for all those freshly-minted twentysomethings that are just trying to make it.

My passions include nutrition, medicine, photography, art and all things adventurous and creative. This blog will predominantly reflect those passions through humor, lifestyle articles and lots of photos; along with anything else that happens to inspire me along my journey. I’m embarking on a new chapter of my life—moving from Boston to NYC to start graduate school at Columbia University. While I’m excited for the challenges to come, the reality is that it will be difficult and I will be forced to grow. Trial and Error will be one of my many mottos, along with Mozzarella Sticks and Just Go For It!

So here’s to being young, starting fresh and totally ignoring the crosswalks!


Hometown: Westchester, New York

Education: Harvard University B.A. (2015); Columbia University MSc. (2016)

Hobbies: Photography, smoothy-ology, piano, museum crawls (can these become a thing?!), thrifting and blogging (of course)

You probably wouldn’t guess: I was born in Antwerp, Belgium

You probably should know: I make up words (smoothy-ology), I laugh at all my own jokes and I have a deep passion for mozzarella sticks


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