Farmer’s Market and Radish Chips

There’s nothing like stumbling upon a farmer’s market to brighten up your day. On Tuesday, I discovered that Columbia brings Continue reading “Farmer’s Market and Radish Chips”


My World Famous Lasagna


The first major meal I learned to make was lasagna. I was 10 years old and my mom was making it as one of that year’s Thanksgiving dishes. From that day, I became the lasagna connoisseur of my family and have been making it for every major holiday since.The dish is high yield in the sense thatit’s easy to make, everyone loves it and you look really impressive! Continue reading “My World Famous Lasagna”

Breakfast at 3pm

It is 3pm on a Sunday morning (yes, morning) and you’ve just roused from sleep. Your stomach is making noises that one should only hear at the Bronx Zoo so you head to your kitchen to placate it. When you get there, you realize that you’re only good at making cereal and you’re fresh out of Cheerios. What do you do? Continue reading “Breakfast at 3pm”

Smoothies: Not just a phase

A few months ago I made a life-altering decision—I bought a magic bullet. Continue reading “Smoothies: Not just a phase”