Polkadot Personalizations

I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that I was an interior decorator in past life, along with being a ballerina and a sports news caster. So you can imagine my excitement when it came time for me to decorate my new bedroom! Continue reading “Polkadot Personalizations”


7 Fall Favorites: My Most Frequent Wardrobe Choices

We are almost a month into fall, which means there’s not much time left before all the leaves have fallen off. As the weeks have worn on, I’ve been able to sport my favorite closet items, Continue reading “7 Fall Favorites: My Most Frequent Wardrobe Choices”

Fall Fashion: New England Influence

My little brother came home from college for the weekend!

Apple picking is one of my favorite family activities of the year. My family and I only recently started going apple picking. While I was in college in Boston, a city that is the epitome of New England fall, going apple picking in the Fall was like going to church on Easter. Continue reading “Fall Fashion: New England Influence”

DIY: Polaroid Display

polaroids display     DSC_1697

Polaroid photos were the state of the art in memory preservation while I was growing up. Continue reading “DIY: Polaroid Display”



Ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with the cleanliness of my hands. A combination of having a piano teacher that was particular about the upkeep of one’s hands and a slight OCD fixation, contributed to my near obsession with manicures. Continue reading “Polished”

My First Maxi

I didn’t own a maxi dress until this summer, and I must say, life has been better with one. Especially since I got it on sale. Continue reading “My First Maxi”

Rainy Day Grey

The monochrome trend has been experiencing a huge resurgence. It’s on the runways, in the streets and all over social media. Kim Kardashian Continue reading “Rainy Day Grey”