Farmer’s Market and Radish Chips

There’s nothing like stumbling upon a farmer’s market to brighten up your day. On Tuesday, I discovered that Columbia brings Continue reading “Farmer’s Market and Radish Chips”


Making Hunger History


This weekend I was given the amazing opportunity to join one of the United Nation’s General Assembly sessions held at the headquarters in midtown. It was called Mobilizing Generation Zero Hunger, and was centered on the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals. The room was filled with delegates, presidents, soccer stars and most importantly, young people. At one point the moderator asked all the people in the room under 35 years of age to stand up, and Continue reading “Making Hunger History”

Chelsea: My Own Art Gallery

The walls of my apartment have been a harsh white for the last few weeks, and it just wasn’t doing it for me. So I decided I would spend the weekend taking photos that I could then use to decorate the walls. Photography is one of my hobbies and I use it a vehicle for chasing adventures. Continue reading “Chelsea: My Own Art Gallery”

DIY: Polaroid Display

polaroids display     DSC_1697

Polaroid photos were the state of the art in memory preservation while I was growing up. Continue reading “DIY: Polaroid Display”

My World Famous Lasagna


The first major meal I learned to make was lasagna. I was 10 years old and my mom was making it as one of that year’s Thanksgiving dishes. From that day, I became the lasagna connoisseur of my family and have been making it for every major holiday since.The dish is high yield in the sense thatit’s easy to make, everyone loves it and you look really impressive! Continue reading “My World Famous Lasagna”



Ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with the cleanliness of my hands. A combination of having a piano teacher that was particular about the upkeep of one’s hands and a slight OCD fixation, contributed to my near obsession with manicures. Continue reading “Polished”

My First Maxi

I didn’t own a maxi dress until this summer, and I must say, life has been better with one. Especially since I got it on sale. Continue reading “My First Maxi”

The Big Move: Prep Guide

Moving is painful. The process is physically and emotionally draining and if unprepared, can leave you empty and lifeless. I just completed the second leg of the BIG MOVE—actually moving my stuff from Boston to New York. It was grueling, time consuming and I almost lost two fingers Continue reading “The Big Move: Prep Guide”

Shave it Off

A few weeks ago I shaved the back of my head, and it was the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here’s why you should do it too.

The decision to shave my head was the result of introspection, phone calls with my best friends and tons of Pinterest surfing for undercuts. Continue reading “Shave it Off”

Rainy Day Grey

The monochrome trend has been experiencing a huge resurgence. It’s on the runways, in the streets and all over social media. Kim Kardashian Continue reading “Rainy Day Grey”